How do you get visitors to stay longer and spend more? For Augustine, it’s human nature.

Leveraging a variety of data points – travel industry trends, consumer journey insights, media research and more – “It’s Human Nature” was developed to engage with multiple audience personas driving decisions to book overnight trips year-round.

Positioning North Lake Tahoe as a four-season destination and targeting the right audiences with appropriate, differentiator messaging and visuals was essential to increasing overnight visitation to the region through marketing efforts.

2020 Visit California Poppy Award for Best Digital Campaign

Well Said

North Lake Tahoe creative ranks in the top 10% of destinations. These kinds of ratings are often reserved for state tourism bureaus that can spend millions in marketing production. Recall of the ad messaging was almost verbatim. Visitors who were aware the marketing stayed longer, did more and spent more.

- SMARInsights, third-party research