Augustine Takes Home Seven ADDY Awards at the 2024 American Advertising Awards Gala

Each year, the American Advertising Foundation (AAF) hosts the ADDY Awards to showcase excellence in the advertising industry across the country. Agencies compete on a local level, before moving on to district and national championships. This year, Augustine was thrilled to be able to compete against other agencies in the North Texas area, and we are even more thrilled to announce that our Visioneers’ hard work has paid off. We submitted stunning campaigns for various clients and took home seven awards as a result.

After a year of incredible work by our talented Visioneers, it was hard to choose what to submit. We finally narrowed it down to ten dynamic campaigns — seven of which won. One of our biggest campaigns to date, “Avocados Invade the Big Apple” Outdoor Board on behalf of Avocados From Mexico, won a Gold ADDY. This campaign generated awareness of the produce brand through a messaging series that was big and bold enough to rock Times Square. Three separate installments were dedicated to an Avocados From Mexico brand message, a Sprinkles Cupcakes partnership (avocados and cupcakes, who would have thought?) and to support the Susan G. Komen Foundation, an organization dedicated to fighting breast cancer. This campaign made a big splash in Times Square — and at the ADDYs this year.


Our 2023 Mission “CHIPS” campaign received a Gold ADDY on behalf of Mission Foods. This campaign took to social media, where the Augustine team created a short video series to showcase the unique ways to enjoy your Mission Foods tortilla chips, whether it be strips, rounds or traditional chips.


Augustine took home a Silver ADDY for our work on the Mission “Mini Halloween Quesadillas” single execution campaign on behalf of Mission Foods. To honor spooky season, the Augustine team created a social media campaign that showcased out to make mini-Halloween quesadillas. The campaign performed well across all social platforms, totaling more than 14K impressions.


Augustine’s “Get ‘Em Fresh From Texas” single-unit campaign on behalf of the Texas Department of Agriculture took home a Silver ADDY. Created to showcase what makes Texas agriculture stand out, the “Get ‘Em Fresh From Texas” campaign highlighted Texas-grown grapes, pecans, melons, honey and more to tell the story of what makes Texas agriculture the crème de la crop of selections.


The “Dia De Los Muertos” Point of Purchase Campaign Augustine developed for Guerrero Tortillas won a Silver ADDY. This campaign honored and celebrated the traditional Latin-American holiday through creative and energetic messaging to drive household activity, display engagement and social awareness.


Also honored was the “Texas Guac Tour” Point of Purchase Campaign, winning an Honorable Mention (formerly Bronze ADDY), on behalf of Avocados From Mexico. This campaign was geared to showcase how consumers can spice up their guacamole recipes from Dallas to Corpus Christi, aimed at highlighting the various exciting flavors of Texas.


Augustine clinched another Honorable Mention for digital single execution campaign for our client Mission Foods. At the heart of the “Mission Better For You Level Up” campaign lies Augustine Agency’s innovative approach, which saw the creation of an immersive virtual game. This game intricately follows Mission Foods tortillas on a quest to gather tacos, strategically designed to “level up” and unveil an exciting new size of tortillas. Drawing inspiration from nostalgic video games, this engaging consumer experience not only captivated our audience but also significantly heightened awareness of the larger-sized version of this fan-favorite product.


We are honored to be the recipients of such prestigious awards, and to compete alongside so many other talented creative agencies in the Dallas area. Here at Augustine, we pride ourselves on our creative capabilities and forward-thinking approach — and it is incredibly satisfying to see our work rewarded in such a way. We look forward to competing at the district level, and hopefully, the national level after that!