How do you shatter records for a seasonal promotion in the first year without a Super Bowl commercial? In-store success.

Augustine delivered a Game Day Guac Bowl shopper campaign for the 2021 Big Game season with in-store merchandising and a $1 Million Shopper Sweepstakes to build excitement. Plus, celebrity sportscasters Troy Aikman and Erin Andrews inspired shoppers to take their love of game day guacamole to the next level.

The promotion secured 51,000 in-store displays, reinforced the brand’s association with football and set up the biggest win
of all — 277 million pounds of Mexican avocados imported in the first four weeks of the year. This represents a 19% increase YOY, with yet another incredible record of 78 million pounds of Mexican avocado imports in a single week for the first time ever, proving that strategic shifts can lead to big wins.

Well Said

We had plans to pivot our strategy ahead of the pandemic, and I’m impressed with the results Augustine Agency delivered in a year rocked by challenges. The Game Day Guac Bowl campaign was a gamechanger for us and a win-win for retailers and shoppers.

- Stephanie Bazan Vice President Trade & Market Development