DeVons Jewelers

Implementing DeVons Jewelers’ first ever digital and social media focused campaign drove record sales, including an increase in overall sales by 40% for the holiday campaign alone.

The DeVons and Augustine partnership kicked off with the Fall Remount Show Campaign through a series of paid social ads broken into 12 campaigns, one for each store location. Augustine also provided guidance with organic social best practices.

As December approached the Holiday Campaign began. Augustine developed and executed a new concept in the weeks leading up to the campaign launch which included paid tactics on streaming audio sites with accompanying audio and display ads. A robust social campaign also ran encouraging people to shop in store and learn more on the website.

Both campaigns educated audiences on the exquisite value and beauty Forever PureTM Lab Grown Diamonds offers customers.

Although efforts began in Q4 of 2021, the client attributes much of the success towards the end of the year to the digital paid media efforts.

Well Said

Last year was the BEST year in the history of the company AND the best December we’ve ever had!! Industry-wide, sales have been up about 15-20%, but DeVons crushed it and was up 40%!!! Thank you Augustine for your support in helping DeVons reach this level.

DeVons Jewelers