A creative campaign and new website were developed to drive awareness and increase participation in the in the California Motorcyclist Safety Program.

Augustine was retained to increase awareness of and participation in the California Motorcyclist Safety Program (CMSP) statewide. The team’s first priority was to design and develop a new website that was geared toward providing an easy user experience, removing frustrating barriers for those looking to sign up for the classes. Additionally, the team developed a creative campaign and a full media strategy was implemented statewide, which achieved all campaign goals. In Year 2, the team developed the “R.I.D.E. Right” campaign and created a variety of video assets, further supporting program goals.

Augustine worked on extensive asset collection for CMSP to educate viewers how to learn to ride safely. Augustine made a series of videos to showcase the proper gear, rules of the road, and what to avoid in order to be a safe rider.

A California Motorcyclist Safety Course is the first step to becoming a safe, licensed rider. Augustine worked with CHP and Total Control to plan and execute a photo/video shoot detailing what to expect from a day at the training course and to encourage viewers to sign up for a class themselves.