Avocados From Mexico: Avoeatery

Avocado restaurant

How do we get Dallas influencers to notice a new restaurant?
We rolled out the green carpet for a launch party that was anything but predictable.

“One of the most exciting new restaurants opening in 2020!”

-The Dallas Morning news

“Irresistably charming”

-D Magazine

Avocados From Mexico’s desire to inspire consumers with the versatility of its product led to an opportunity to serve up a wild idea — opening the world’s first avocado-centric restaurant. Augustine was challenged to make sure this innovative idea got noticed.

Augustine delivered a launch party that was “anything but predictable.” The green carpet was rolled out and guests gathered in their “avocado best” to celebrate the first-of-its-kind opening. Influencers, journalists, celebrities and an eclectic group of VIPs, enjoyed everything from avocado fries to avocado inspired cocktails.

Winner of a 2021 Bronze Dallas Addy Award.

Well Said

Incredibly responsive and creative. Forward thinking with a thorough understanding on all aspects of our business.

Stephanie Browder Associate Director Digital Marketing & E-Commerce