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Did Someone Say Sugar? Auggies’ Favorite Sweet Spots

Wednesday, Jul 1st, 2020

These days, we all need a little pick-me-up. While our team has been working around the clock to help our clients pivot successfully during the trying times the past few months, Auggies donut give up! Back in the office, donuts are the “unofficial official” dessert of the agency. We love surprising each other with these hole foods, whether it’s to celebrate a big project, personal milestones or just because, and we continue to treat ourselves working from home.

From classic glazed and donut holes, to cronuts, doussants and even ice-cream filled donut puffs, here is a roundup of our team’s favorite donut shops in the Greater Sacramento and Dallas areas:

California Office: Greater Sacramento Area


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“I love Marie’s Donuts in Sacramento! My personal favorite is the chocolate sprinkle donut. Gotta go classic. 😊

– Vanessa Labi, Content & Social Media Strategist


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“My favorite is StarBread Bakery in Roseville. They have the most delicious señorita bread!”

 – Cathy Nanadiego, Account Director

Donuts & Coffey just opened up in East Sacramento and they have cronuts! And a local staple of the community has been Stanley’s Donuts – a great family-owned place.”

– Christine Coe, Associate Creative Director / Writer

BJ Cinnamon in Folsom is the best ever! Every single thing in their bakery is amazing. The owner (and staff) are so friendly and he usually throws in a few extra donut holes with your order. They even won Yelp’s best bakery in California a few years ago. 😊

– Jaime Hayden, PR & Content Marketing Manager


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“I live in Elk Grove, so I visit Bakers Donuts on Florin Road when I’m craving donuts. They carry your average donut selection alongside some snazzy specialty donuts. Even cronuts. They’re located near a Krispy Kreme so they have to try harder. And when I’m craving some gourmet donuts, I visit Milk Money in Sacramento’s Midtown. Their selection changes daily – pricier, but worth it.”

– Lucho Ortega, Senior Art Director


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Sweet Dozen in Sacramento is our go-to on the weekends. It’s a family-owned and operated donut shop that offers the classics, but also has a ton of unique treats like banana fritters, doussants, mochi donuts and bacon/maple bars with real bacon!

My all-time favorite though is The Parlor Ice Cream in both Roseville and Sacramento. You get to choose your ice cream flavor and toppings, and then the ice cream is sealed inside a warm donut. Every single bite is so delicious! If you haven’t been, I highly recommend… you won’t regret it!”

– Brittany Lima, Account Supervisor

Texas Office: Greater Dallas Area


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Hypnotic Donuts in Dallas is definitely an all-time favorite of mine 😊.”

– Vanessa Farris, Marketing Manager


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“I second Vanessa… Hypnotic Donuts is easily some of the best donuts and (equally good chicken biscuits) in Dallas.”

– Elisabeth Zuerker, Account Director


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“My first roommate in DFW was a huge donut guy… Literally – he proposed to his fiancé with donuts spelling out “Will you marry me?!” Their favorite shop in Dallas is Jaram’s and their favorite donuts are: Cookie Butter Cronut, PB&J Cronut, PB&J Funnel Cake Donut & Crème Brulee Donut.”

– Gabrielle Burman, Account Executive

Donut worry, be happy – go get yourself some sweet treats, you deserve it! Be sure to tell them the Augustine crew sent you! 😉

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