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Auggie Tips: How to Successfully Work from Home

Thursday, May 7th, 2020

Our team is no stranger to remote work – you can often find us roaming around visiting clients or gathering industry insights at conferences. But as we navigate through the COVID-19 pandemic together, we’ve adapted to working from home to keep ourselves, our clients and the community safe.

While we sure miss seeing each other’s happy faces and connecting with partners in person, our team has adjusted well to continue making great things happen from home in this new reality. Here are some Auggie-approved WFH tips to stay productive and successful:

“If I start to feel a little tired in the afternoon, I change up my scenery. Head to another place in the house, or even better, move outside for some sunshine and fresh air, and I instantly feel re-energized!”
– Lindsay Moore, Director of Client Services

Have a designated workspace and make sure you take the time to get up at least every hour (and not to just go to the kitchen LOL).”
– Tisha Ackerman, Accounting/Contracts Coordinator

“My best work from home tip is for those with school age children. It’s easy to get wrapped up in work, conference calls…deadlines…GoToMeetings…more deadlines…more calls. Early on, I was noticing even with the refrigerator steps away, I wasn’t even taking time for lunch. It is important to hit pause, get up and check in on the kids. They are doing online school without a regular recess or interaction with their teachers and friends. Grab them regardless of the moaning and groaning and go jump on a trampoline with them, walk the dog or have them help make lunch. Sit outside at an actual table instead of them taking lunch back to their rooms and you back to your desk. It helps break up the day and helps us from losing our minds. The kids are kinder to each other and makes them feel a bit less removed from everything. It also helps me keep perspective and not hit overload (most the time).”
– Debbie Augustine, Founder/Executive Creative Director

Know when to shut down mentally from work and buffer it with something that will make your mind pause such as meditating or going for a walk to force yourself to unplug.”
– Robert Nelson, CEO

“Every morning I write down one thing I want to for sure accomplish that day (or at least move forward meaningfully), one thing I want to compliment a team member or a friend on or thank them for and one thing I am grateful for even if it’s silly. (e.g. My coffee order from Amazon came in faster than expected).”
– Elisabeth Zuerker, Account Director

“I stay focused by opening my windows so it’s nice and bright, getting my essential oil diffuser going with an energizing citrus scent and having plenty of snacks on hand.”
Vanessa Labi, Content & Social Media Strategist

“Not having a commute and going straight from bed to your desk makes it easy to lose a work-life balance. Adding a fun activity to my morning routine like going for a walk, reading a book or listening to a podcast makes it easier to maintain that balance.”
– Olga Verkhotina, Public Relations Specialist

“Change where you sit, if possible. Get out and get fresh air every day.”
– Dani Higley, Senior Account Executive

“I have a to-do list to keep track and mark off completed tasks. I also have a consistent routine even while at home.”
– Laura Valdes, Associate Digital Marketing Manager

“Step away from your computer for at least five minutes every hour or 10-15 minutes every two hours to give your eyes a break. Stand up and stretch, turn on your favorite song and dance by yourself or with your kids. Speaking of kids, check in with them and give them a smooch.”
– Christine Coe, Associate Creative Director/Writer

“I get dressed every day so that I’m not in my pajamas or loungewear when working. It makes me feel much more productive.”
– Jessica Rodriguez, Account Director

“I monitor the extent of my attention span and take a break when I feel productivity is low. At the office, there is more of an opportunity to walk around or take a moment to catch up with a co-worker and refresh your brain with a quick break! If I feel I’ve hit a rut, I’ll take a walk around the block or give my brain a quick smart snack – Avocado, anyone?

Another tip – overcommunicate with your team! We forget how much we get to chat with people when they’re all a few steps away. I try to make sure I’m checking in with my direct Client Services team and my creative team members several times throughout the day. I always make sure people know I’m available either by Cliq (our online messaging system) or by phone after hours.”
– Gabrielle Burman, Account Executive

Every day I try and take some time to focus on the positives of working from home – being able to work outside in the sunshine, getting to see my baby girl’s “firsts” – crawling, clapping, etc., having more quality family time. I like to remember that this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get so much together time as a family at home.”
– Brittany Lima, Account Supervisor

“Communicate with the people in your household when you have meetings that require silence and/or no interruptions to avoid distractions during calls. Set an alarm for the end of your day. It’s easy to keep working when everything is at your fingertips, so this helps provide some work-life balance.”
– Cathy Nanadiego, Account Director

Pomodoro method – I use the long break to tidy up or straighten up or go outside for fresh air. Being at home can be distracting with chores and honey-do’s that you don’t have to face when you’re in the office. These tasks can offer immediate sense of accomplishment at the expense of focusing on the work I need to do for Augustine. Knowing my day has breaks built-in for taking care of chores around the house helps to keep those things from distracting me, especially when I’m wrestling with a complex work challenge and putting away the dishes or reorganizing my closet seems like a good idea. 

Another tip – spend a little more on dog toys/treats. This is definitely a time to save more money, however, keeping my dog entertained is priceless in terms of allowing me to focus on work. I doubled up on the Amazon subscription for her favorite chew bones, delivering 2x/mo. instead of once a month, and subscribed to the Kong Box. Keeping her distracted with toys is so much easier than trying to get her to understand, ‘daddy’s working, go lay down!’”
– Jim Vasquez, Senior Business Analyst

I have a daily reminder on my calendar that says, ‘take a break and go on a walk.’ This reminds me to unplug for a few minutes as it’s easy to just keep working all day. The fresh air also helps me feel refreshed and ready to get back to work!”
– Jaime Hayden, PR & Content Marketing Manager

Working from home is never lonely when you’re an Auggie!

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