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A Look Behind the Auggies’ Creative Curtain

Saturday, Oct 31st, 2020

Creative is the main currency of any good advertising agency and it can take many forms and shapes. But ultimately, it’s all about the ideas – which are told through words and visuals that give a brand its identity. Its essence. Its story.

Our agency is one of the fastest-growing fully integrated marketing agencies and we’ve won numerous awards for our creative work.  But where do we start? How do those ideas come to fruition?

Every agency has their own way of handling a creative process and none are right or wrong…. just different. At the end of the day, what we’re all trying to do is simple – come up with great ideas that drive consumers to discover and act. Our stellar creative team shared exactly how they do it – and what you can expect when you let us create your next big campaign.

The Qs & As

At Augustine, every creative process starts with a client discovery. We believe it’s an important step that determines the creative direction. Discoveries allow us to learn all about the client – who they are, what they have to offer, what they think of themselves, who they think their competition is, what their goals are and every other question you can think of. Usually, this is a face-to-face meeting (these days, virtually) at the client’s location or business, so we can gain firsthand knowledge. We work with several tourism clients and destination discoveries also entail a couple of days on-site to experience the locale and to get a taste of what there is to see and do as a visitor.

Creatively Speaking

Next comes a kick-off with the creative brief, which is our holy grail – the document with the strategy that guides the creative. All integral parties would be included in this meeting to discuss the particulars of the project, scope of work, budget and timeline. Some initial thought-starters might take place in this meeting as well, as the creative brief is usually sent ahead of time. Once everyone is on the same page, it’s off to the races. In other words, the creatives get their time to concept and come up with all those great ideas we talked about earlier!

High Chance of Brainstorms

Several literal and figurative crumpled pieces of paper later, and after many brainstorms, the creatives come out from under their umbrellas to share their awesome ideas with the client services team. We all make sure everything is on strategy, resonates with the brief, among other things. Usually, we wind up narrowing down the ideas we want to present to the client to about three or four. Revisions and refinements are made and once all the blessings have been bestowed, we start creating the client presentation. Without going into a ton of detail, this in itself is a major undertaking complete with different aspects of the brand, consumer insights, creative concept statements, logos (if part of the scope) and actual mocked-up work – i.e. what a print ad or digital ad would look like. Let’s just say, this ain’t no dog and pony show. It’s often a huge undertaking with all hands-on deck!

And the Winner Is…

Next comes presentation time. We show off all that hard work and through our mesmerizing storytelling and creative, we hope to “wow” our new client with our ideas. In a perfect world, they pick one and then we all go home. Okay, not really. We then go about the task of developing all the pieces in the scope of work based on the approved concept. If they love more than one or want changes, we’ll make adjustments, perfect and present again. It’s all about making the client happy and creating a brand that consumers love. All of which we’re pretty darn good at, if we do say so ourselves!

So, if you’re looking for innovative work that commands attention and achieves results, we’d love to help! Take a moment to connect with us here and we’ll be in touch soon.

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