A great brand name is like apples (not oranges)

A vision for building a powerful brand and refreshing one.

To many, an orange is an orange and would taste just as sweet by any other name. These are likely the same folks that gave its varieties names without much appetite appeal: navel oranges, pigmented oranges and blood oranges. Yuck!

On the other hand, the apples you see in your market have a tastier selection of names: Golden Delicious, Autumn Glory, Granny Smith, Rome Beauty, Honeycrisp and more.

Names are important. Can you guess which type of fruit we buy more often?

According to the United States Department of Agriculture, Americans eat an average of 10.7 pounds of apples versus 3.4 pounds of oranges per year. Both fruits are delicious staples in the household but one of them we embrace a little more. How ‘bout them stats.

A great brand name is powerful and can be one of the most valuable assets a company possesses. It can create a visual, lend credibility, provide an assurance of quality and help you remember the product you enjoyed.

Of course, choosing a name for a business or product is more difficult than naming a baby. For starters, you’ll have a lot more people to please than just your in-laws. And unlike naming a newborn, many of the good names are already trademarked or highly visible on the internet.

If you need to choose a brand name for your product, service or business, you’ll need to keep these four principles in mind as you embark on creating the perfect name.

1. Make it memorable.

The key to any brand name is grabbing attention and staying memorable.

2. Fill it with meaning.

The name must tell your brand’s story. The more significance your name carries, the harder it will work for you.

3. Shout it out loud!

The best names roll off the tongue and invite customers to be your ambassadors, so say shout or sing it out loud.

4. Stand out.

Make sure your name differentiates you from your competitors in just the right way.

Work with branding specialists to ensure these four principles are followed and your vision comes to life. Your name has to be great. After all, comparing a good name to a great name is like comparing apples to…well, you know.

Sac Republic FC Logo

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If you have a great name already, how can you refresh your brand to make it matter more to your audience?

As brands age they will need a makeover to be more compelling or relevant to the target audience. There are some basic items that you a strong agency partner will consider.

A Brand Review

Assess your current identity from the logo to the tone of voice and message. Look for outdated elements or anything that is no longer relevant to your audience. The Augustine Agency takes a unique approach to this by working closely with its clients to determine their “Vision” of success and then laying out a strategic plan to accomplish it.

Market Research

Study competitors, trends and changes to your target audience. Flag any opportunities or gaps.

Study Everything

Study your messaging: Look for consistency and make sure your messaging is still relevant to your core audience.

Study your visuals: Do a “one wall analysis” with everything literally posted to a real or virtual wall to see if messaging and visuals are strong and consistent across digital, print and social.

Study your website: Not many things look as old as an outdated website design or approach. A full website performance analysis is key to success as well.

Analyze and Adjust

As you roll out your refreshed brand, monitor your performance and adjust your strategy as needed.

Remember, refreshing a brand is an ongoing process that requires continuous monitoring and adjustment. By staying attuned to your target audience’s needs and preferences, you can ensure your brand remains relevant and resonant over time.

Get Ready for Success

Are you ready to create or refresh your brand? Let the Augustine Agency help you define and accomplish your Vision. Contact us today.

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